Things I don’t understand…

Stream of Consciousness

The virtue of politics.

People not trying to understand Shakespeare.

Why continuing education beyond high school costs so much in our country.

My extended family’s concept of “privacy” and how it extends even to not sharing in good news because “It’s not our news to tell.”

The self-righteous and judgmental nature of some religious folks.

Why my older sister never asked me how I was doing as I went through a divorce and became a single mom to three children over thirteen years ago..

Why we know what to do to take care of ourselves but continually push our own needs aside for “later.”

The intense pressure of the economics of public education that forces us to adopt questionable practices such as increased class sizes, eliminating beneficial activities, etc.  in order to satisfy the bottom line.

The magic of puppies and horses when they nuzzle you.

Why billing periods appear to elapse more quickly than payroll periods.

Why depression never really goes completely away: it just waits patiently in the wings for its next entrance.

Why we have to grow old.

To be continued…


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